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Queens Typewriter Tips from Maspeth, New York

A child using a laptop and an old man using a classical typewriter machine - Queens Typewriter & Stationary Corp in Maspeth, NY
When caring for a classic machine, we know it isn't easy to know what to do and what not to do. At Queens Typewriter Corp we are the experts in typewriter maintenance and repair. When you trust us with your machine, you are trusting the best in the business!
Keep your typewriter covered when you are not using it. It will prevent dust from building up on the interior and exterior of the machine causing avoidable issues.
When you have completed use of the machine and will not be using it for a while, pull the paper release lever forward to avoid spots from appearing where it last rested. This will help extend the life of your platen and prevent it from developing imperfections.
As necessary, you can dust and clean other accessible parts to maintain the overall appearance of the machine. It is best to use either a brush or lint-free cloth.
Only if it is within your capabilities, oiling the typewriter can extend it's use and maintain its appearance.
Keep your type writer in a controlled environment at room temperature. Storing your typewriter in areas where the temp may fluctuate or be too cold can start to affect the parts of the machine.